We invite you to participate in The HAPPENING.
Here are some ways you can get involved.



The Happening festival is run by volunteers who live or work in the community. We count on help with logistics, communications, social media, poster delivery and more. The HAPPENING is a great way to get to know the locals and support the community. 

Send us an email with how you would like to help out and when you are available.

Wellington West Businesses: Invitation to Participate in The Happening 2019

We invite all Wellington West businesses to participate in The Happening Festival that will be taking place from May 24 to June 1, 2019. To get involved in this year’s festival, please read these instructions as well as the passport,  and contact us for more information.

1. Plan fun activities May 24 to May 31, 2019 to help celebrate #WellingtonWest, your business, customers and the community. Suggestions include:

  • Special events like demos, concerts, open houses

  • Art shows

  • #Happening menu items (food or drink)

  • Sidewalk or indoor sales

  • Window displays

  • Events can also be your regular weekly events that you would like to showcase, with a "HappeningHood" spin

2. Send the event details to happeningottawainfo@gmail.com. We will do our best to send a volunteer to live post from your event. (Please note: these are your events and The Happening is not to be held liable for them.) DEADLINE FOR ANY EVENT LISTINGS ON OUR WEBSITE IS FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019. No events submitted past that date will be added to the website BUT you can still animate your space! The more things happening the better.

3. Promote your event(s) on social media using #HappeningHood and tag us on Facebook and Instagram @TheHappeningOttawa and Twitter @HappeningOttawa plus follow us on social media and engage in our content. Please also email us your event date, time, location and a brief description and they will be listed on the Wellington West BIA event page. We will create posts and work to amplify the messaging along with the rest of the neighbourhood. Continue to promote your events through your usual methods to reach clients who do not use social media (ie, posters, table cards, e-newsletters). Please let us know if you would like us to send you The Happening 2019 logo to use in your promotion.

 4. We encourage you to collaborate with your neighbouring businesses to hold complementary events to bring people to your area of Wellington West on the same day/time of day to help help build momentum and foot traffic.

5. Please put your Happening poster up in your business in a visible place. We have also created a #HappeningHood Passport Campaign to help draw people to as many locations as possible during the festival:

  • Community members will pick up a passport, check out activities by following #HappeningHood posts, visit the business, and have their passport validated (name of the business and staff person’s signature written on the back).

  • The passports with the most visits to participating businesses will be entered in a draw to win Happening prize packs on June 1. If you need more passports, please let us know (we will print a limited supply).

  • Please explain the #HappeningHood Campaign to your staff and agree on a consistent way to validate the passports from your business so we know it is legit (eg, a consistent name that you write on each passport beside your business’s name).

6. Please help promote the #HappeningHood events and The Happening ArtsPark which will be at Parkdale Park, Saturday June 1, 10am to 10pm. The June 1 event is held in collaboration with the Hintonburg Community Association. Full details are on our website and Facebook! Be sure to come by the volunteer booth to say hi. Thank you for participating in this community initiative! #WeLoveOurNeighbourhood


We are seeking community sponsors to cover the costs of The HAPPENING. Expenses include all of the costs for The Happening ArtsPark, insurance, permits, promotional materials, decorations, and honorariums to artists. The more money we raise, better the festival will be!

Sponsoring the festival is a great way to show your support of the community and the arts. As a sponsor, the promotion you will receive on our popular social media channels will help you reach new audiences in a fun way.

We need support from the whole community for the event to be a success. Here are some of the ways you can support the festival in addition to sponsoring:

  • Trading for services (for example, printing or postering)

  • Providing food and drink donations for the opening party

  • Being an artist and/or business participant in The HAPPENING events

  • Volunteering leading up to and during the festival

Please help make this volunteer-run event a success by becoming a valued sponsor or supporter. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Brenda Dunn, Sponsorship Director.