Plan Your CREATIVE Event for The HAPPENING 2018 

Collaborate with a local artist / musician / business. If you are an artist, musician or business it is easy to be part of The HAPPENING.

  1. Businesses and artists/musicians can collaborate to create a unique event on Saturday, May 26Sunday, May 27, Thursday, May 31 or Friday, June 1.  Come up with a complete event description and follow the link below to fill in the full details through Eventbrite.
  2. You can contact our Event Director Brenda Dunn who may put you in touch with a business owners/artists looking to take part.

Are you an performer, artist or musician who's unsure where to showcase your work? Are you a business owner looking to host an event but not sure how to? 

We've put together some simple forms to help you make it happen:


Thank you for registering your event with The Happening ArtsPark! Please note that in order to ensure you can host, you MUST complete the following insurance requirements below.

The Happening ArtsPark Insurance Requirements *

Provide a certificate of insurance adding The Happening ArtsPark as additionally insured providing coverage of at least $2,000,000 inclusive of bodily injury and property damage for each occurrence on your insurance rider. It is a condition of your contract to hold harmless The Happening ArtsPark against all charges of liability. Please forward the certificate/endorsement for adding The Happening ArtsPark as additionally insured to no later than March 15th, 2018. Failure to provide insurance certificate will result in termination of your contract and your registration fee. If you have questions or require assistance to get this from your insurance agent please contact us at
Mailing Address: The Happening ArtsPark, 1064 Wellington St W, Ottawa, On, K1Y 2Y3