WINNER OF THE 2018 PERMANENT ART GRANT: Maciek Peter Kozlowski

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2018 Happening Permanent Art Grant is Ottawa artist Maciek Peter Kozlowski! His successful proposal, "The Kiss," is all about spring, love and bicycles. The steel sculpture will be easy for everyone to see and admire while walking and driving down Wellington West in its new home on the outside of The Hair Committee. The new art installation will be unveiled on May 25 at 2pm.

Our thanks to the Arts Grant Board: Don Monet from Cube Gallery; Neeko Paluzzi, artist and last year's winner; Summer Baird, Happening Co-Founder and owner of The Hintonburg Public House; and Mary Beth Wolicky, public servant and Happening Communications director. Jessica Stark, public servant, Happening volunteer and Hintonburg Community Association Board Member, administered the process once again this year.

The funds for this grant came from fund raised during the 2018 festival.

Raising funds for art grants for the Wellington West community is the raison d'être for The Happening. Past winners of the Happening Permanent Art Grant include Neeko Paluzzi for "Moon, flattened 1968" on Cube Gallery and Daniel Martelock for "Tying our community together" on the Ottawa Bagel Shop and Deli.

We volunteers love our neighbourhood and work hard to promote and celebrate it every spring, and keep the conversion going all year through social media. Thank you for your support!


2017 HAPPENING PERMANENT ART GRANT RECIPIENT: MOON, flattened 1968 by Neeko Paluzzi


We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Happening Permanent Art Grant is the installation MOON, flattened 1968 by Ottawa artist Neeko Paluzzi. This installation consists of nine triangles displayed in a geometric formation. Each triangle was etched using 3D renderings of photos captured of the Moon, shaped as a dragon curve to represent our repeated infatuation with the Moon. The installation is mounted on the exterior of the popular Cube Gallery on Wellington West and was launched as part of The HAPPENING in May 2018.

Neeko Paluzzi is the curator of Exposure Gallery in Ottawa, and is an instructor at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa, and the University of Ottawa. You can check out Neeko’s work on his website or on Instagram @neekopaluzzi. We are so excited to welcome his artwork as a fixture to our neighbourhood! 

The money for this grant came from funds raised during the 2017 Happening festival.

We thank Jessica Stark (HAPPENING Awards Coordinator) and the panel of judges:

  • Dennis Van Staalduinen (Executive Director, Wellington West BIA)

  • Laura Twiss (designer and co-owner of Twiss and Weber)

  • Crystal Beshara (local artist and business owner)

  • Jamie McLennan (owner Character Creative and HAPPENING Creative Director)

  • Mary Beth Wolicky (Digital Communications Strategist at Government of Canada and HAPPENING Communications Director)

Our thanks to everyone who submitted proposals!




“Tying Our Community Together”

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 Hintonburg Happening permanent art grant is the installation "Tying Our Community Together" by local artist Daniel Martelock. The installation – made of nails and wire on wood – will be in the shape of a map outline of Wellington West. It will be mounted and featured prominently on the brick wall of a business and gathering place that has been an institution in our neighbourhood for over 30 years: The Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli.

The web of wires connecting the neighbourhood will reveal a heart where the Bagel Shop is located, a gathering place for our community amidst the hustle and bustle of Wellington West. The installation will be launched as part of The HAPPENING in May 2017.

We have recently rebranded The HAPPENING to better reflect the whole Wellington West community. It is therefore appropriate for us to support the creation of a permanent art installation that celebrates a successful family business on Wellington West that has come to represent our neighbourhood, both for those in the hood and across Ottawa. The Bagel Shop has also recently undergone a rebranding and renovation to highlight the art (and heart!) of bagel making.

Dan Martelock is a Hintonburg resident whose art can be seen around Wellington West: on display at several businesses, and on the Bell box at Wellington and Fairmount. You can also spot a number of Hintonbirdhouses – for which he won the 2015 Hintonburg Happening Art Grant in conjunction with Craig O`Brien. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DanielMartelock (https://twitter.com/danielmartelock) and Instagram @DanielMartelock (https://www.instagram.com/danielmartelock).

2016 TEMPORARY ART GRANT WINNER: Shanima Puppet Players

We are excited to announce that the winner of the Temporary Art Grant is the Shanima Puppet Players! They plan to delight your inner child and spark your imagination with an interactive puppet parade during The HAPPENING in May 2017.

The company (Anne Bourgault, Monica Bradford-Lea, and Sheree Bradford-Lea) will feature three large-scale puppets, standing four feet or more, at the festival. You will have three chances to meet the puppets: circulating through the neighbourhood and up and down Wellington Street the weekend before the festival; during the opening event; and at the Park Party! Weaving in and out of the crowds with fresh and fun improv sketches, you never know what tricks they might have up their sleeves! 

This live performance will have something for everyone in the family and will be a fresh attraction for the festival. 


2015 ART GRANT WINNERS: Daniel Martelock and Craig O’Brien


Throughout Wellington West you can find hidden birdhouses that are painted to look like local businesses. Birds are one of the few creatures of nature that endure in urban settings, allowing us to feel a connection to the environment even though we live in the city. Across all cultures, ages and backgrounds we paint birds, photograph them and watch them in all their grace. We even place feeders to draw them to us and create homes for them to rest and nest. The birdhouse theme is based on a simple idea: Birds are neighbours in our community, why not welcome them by including them and making them feel as though they are a part of this wonderful neighbourhood. Give them a safe and warm home to stay in, let them be a part of our everyday living. This will create a bright and vibrant reminder of how important art and nature are within our community as well. We are thrilled to have been able to grant Craig & Daniel an art grant to make this happen. Find all 15 throughout the neighbourhood & tag #HappeningHood as you go. Makes a great day out with the kids or friends.


Michael Peterson - (Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Long ( Bass and Vocals), Bruce Aleya (Percussion), Tom Thompson (Pedal Steel and Guitars) with Nicolas Dyson (Trumpet)

Tilda is getting it’s house in order, dusting off the cobwebs, polishing the hardwood and trying out some new arrangements - preparing itself to record a new full length album in 2016. It is also trying to complete a previous recoding adventure that began last year ear marked to be released as an EP exploring the passing of Michaels Mom and her time within a Hospice in Toronto. All that it is missing is three quiet tracks to round out and polish the package. As such, Tilda’s front man Michael Peterson would love the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful grant and work with the Couch Assassin to record these simple numbers and once complete (and dreamily) to release this recording locally in Hintonburg, where most of the band is located and again in Toronto. Michael is in conversations with a member of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association to see about donating a portion of the proceeds back as a contribution for all their amazing work. Finally, Michael would like to duet with Toronto musician and one time long time resident of Ottawa - Pamela Brennan (Hennessy). Pamela recently released a new album titled Wylie’s Point. She is simply an amazing talent and a voice that melts the steeliest of hearts.


2014 Art Grant Recipient: Shawn MacDonell

Air Your Dirty Laundry

Air Your Dirty Laundry is all about being able to clean ourselves of our dirty little secrets. We hold on to big stresses and little stresses, things that play in our minds when we are awake and when we are asleep. Sometimes, for many of us, we have no proper outlets to get rid of the secrets, to get rid of the stresses, this installation will aim to provide such an outlet. Not only will it help those who write down their dirty little secrets but it will show others that we all have our struggles. We are not alone. It is both a mental health project as well as a social project.  

People will be asked to write their dirty little secrets on either a pair of underwear or on a t-shirt. These t-shirts and underwear will then be collected in laundry baskets (hampers) so as to ensure anonymity. Both the under garments and the laundry baskets would be placed around the neighbourhood at various popular locations for a certain amount of time so as to highlight some of the many amazing businesses in Hintonburg (I want to work with the selection committee to find the appropriate places). Then once all of the laundry is collected it will be strung up on clotheslines, which would ideally be strung about outdoors in the neighbourhood or even within some of the windows of various Hintonburg businesses.  

Each undergarment will be photographed and those photographs will be turned into both a book and a tumblr site to help continue the trend. The installation will eventually unfold across the city but will have started within the Hintonburg neighbourhood.